Welcome to the Stop!

There are so many things that impact on our lives, or could greatly improve them, in ways we sometimes don’t even see. Discovering and understanding the right information seems to require too much time and effort. When it doesn’t happen , however, often it’s our fault: we either ignore that an issue exists, or we wrongly feel that figuring it out is too difficult or not worth the hassle anyway.

The goal of the Stop is just that, to help all normal people to stop to learn the essentials about things that matter for them and think about them. The website logo, explained in another page, comes straight from this goal. The website may be actually able to achieve it because… even another website said that Stop!/Zona-M is a long-range thinking, highly creative website… :-)

A Stop for everybody

The Stop is divided in four main, partly independent parts (the categories in the right bar), so you’re free to follow (even through Facebook or Twitter) the whole website or just the section which interests you:

Your own civil rights and the quality of your life heavily depend on how software and digital technologies are used around you: they can restrict or increase access to culture, education, healthcare, business opportunities, public administration and services of every kind. Understanding how this happens is both absolutely necessary and much, much easier than you’d think: just read DigiWorld.

Energy, food, waste, housing, healthcare, transportation, wildlife: all things essential for the quality of your own life and for the whole world we live in. Do you know how they’re managed, and how to do something for them without turning your life upside down?

Active Citizens
Access to the right information is pointless if you don’t actually use it to improve your life and neighborhood. Normal people worldwide are already doing a lot to make their cities, Public Administrations and politics much more open and transparent than they always were. Here you’ll read what they’re doing and how to become one of them.

“Education” is a terribly important but vague word, which can mean everything from good manners to schooling and school systems to professional training. This section of the Stop will present often unknown but innovative teachers, schools and parents, as well as techniques and tools that all parents would like to see adopted in their children schools.

The Stop is only a starting point!

It is in your own interest to stop and think every now and then. Hopefully, this particular Stop will help you and others to do this in the simplest possible way. All pages are written for normal folks, not professionals, including people who would have never found them online (see “Who should read the Stop?” below). It doesn’t matter if you disagree on some of the specific answers you’ll find here. All Stop wants is to help you to think and then act accordingly, both online and offline.

Who should read the Stop?

Everybody, really. Most pages of the Stop are in a format that (respecting the Terms of Use) you can print and put on billboards, or distribute to people who for any reason have no computer or Internet access.

How can you support the Stop?

Analyzing information, presenting it in the simplest possible form and generally maintaining a useful website is a continuous effort that takes a lot of time and money. You can support it by never filtering out the classifieds in this website, using them when you find them relevant or (coming soon) direct donations.

Who maintains the Stop?

M. Fioretti, a full time freelance writer, teacher and activist. You can contact him by commenting the articles on this website or via email, writing at mfioretti -at- nexaima.net.