The Stop! 2020-2021 fundraiser

Important request/Public Service Announcement:

The Stop! 2020-2021 fundraiser /img/about-stop-logo.jpg

Everybody’s human and civil rights and quality of life, depend every year more on how software and digital technologies are used around us.

Again: this is true for everybody, including, and probably starting from, people who cannot afford any paywall, or subscription, to any source of relevant, but easy to understand information around these topics.

This is exactly what, in addition to all my other work, I try to provide with this website. Since the summer of 2019 I have done my best to publish six posts per week, almost every week, on “digital” parenting, censorship, e-voting, Internet of Things, 5G, automation, smart cities, surveillance, open hardware, and many more topics…

  • all in the shortest and simplest format that is possible, in order to reach as many people as possible…
  • all without any paywall, or tracking of any sort, for the same reasons

Doing this takes a lot of time. If you think such an effort is important for the public good, thanks in advance for supporting it with donations for any amount via BuyMeaCoffee, Paypal or LiberaPay. Transferwise or other methods are also possible, to arrange them please email me.

No money? NO problem!

If you can’t donate, no problem. You can equally help me by just sharing this call, or any post of this website, as much as you see fit. Offers to translate specific posts in any language are also always welcome.

Ways to support my other work are here, together with some reasons why you may want to do it.

Again, thanks in advance for any support. And stay safe in these difficult times.


P.S.: If you have read this far, just ignore the highlighted paragraph below. It’s just the standard footer of the whole website, that points to this page.