• Former CIA director Michael Hayden recently said that millennials may leak secrets because they are “culturally different”. OK but.. please let me point out some of the culprits for such a difference, and the fact that those same culprits had been clearly named and described more than three years ago. Mr. Hayden said that millennials have different instincts than the people who hired them and this cultural difference may be the reason why “millennials leak secrets”:
  • A reader of my critique to the “Linux owns the Internet” slogan just made the comment integrally copied here:I agree that some of the big companies are pure evil when it comes to user’s data, but your suggestion that this is Linux’s “tragicomical proof of failure” is just plain wrong, even more than the catchy title you linked to. Linux and the GNU software collection provide a flexible and solid server system.
  • Have you seen that article titled “How Linux owns the Internet”? It is basically a list that is supposed to prove how good Linux is, because it is Linux servers that “are hosting the world’s largest Search Engines and Web Portals”. That list and its conclusion are unassailable from a technical, engineering or business point of view. When looking at it from a social/privacy/human rights perspective, instead, it looks much more like an ironic, tragicomical proof of failure.