"How Linux owns the Internet" is SO wrong. And bad. But luckily...

Have you seen that article titled “How Linux owns the Internet”?

It is basically a list that is supposed to prove how good Linux is, because it is Linux servers that “are hosting the world’s largest Search Engines and Web Portals”.

"How Linux owns the Internet" is SO wrong. And bad. But luckily... /img/linux_own_internet_no.png

That list and its conclusion are unassailable from a technical, engineering or business point of view. When looking at it from a social/privacy/human rights perspective, instead, it looks much more like an ironic, tragicomical proof of failure.

Most of those heavyweights champions of “Free as in Freedom” software are the same companies currently under scrutiny for the privacy risks of their business models, and for making the kind of spying and abuses exposed by E. Snowden much easier to implement.

That list should be titled “How corporations (and governments) own way too many data about people, also thanks to Linux”, and Free Software in general. Luckily, the same software may also be used to build alternatives without those problems, yet really usable by people with just the skills to use Facebook or Gmail.

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