• time-for-fpga Three and a half years ago, I explained why it’s time to bring FPGAs to the masses. One year later, I wrote that this is the time for European microprocessors and FPGAs.. And guess what I just read today? “in the future, programming multicore processors and configuring FPGAs could reach parity in terms of the effort required. Should that come to pass, many more gadgets will surely be built with FPGAs.
  • Microelectronics and, to a much greater extent, software, are two strategic, immensely powerful technologies. Here I try to explain, in the simplest possible way, why this happens and the basic characteristics of some modern integrated circuits.What are software and integrated circuits? Let’s begin with some necessary definitions, in the simplest possible format, about the nature of software and digital integrated circuits. Software may be described as sequences of instructions for machines.