India goes RISC, hooray!

And here are five reasons to say so.

The Indian government has decided to develop its own microprocessor cores, by launching a Microprocessor Development Programme (MDP) that would help develop VEGA RISC-V microprocessor cores in the country:

India goes RISC, hooray! /img/indian-vega-processors.jpg

To know how that program will work, read “India goes RISC-V with VEGA processors”. This post just gives you five very valid reasons to do it:

  1. in 2021, Europe said it was going alone at microchips. All countries, not just India, should do the same
  2. indeed, still in 2021, China pulled off the “semiconductor heist of the century”
  3. ALL countries should have their regional microprocessors
  4. everybody should DEMAND open system-on-chips
  5. because microelectronics makes all YOUR world work