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What is worst than Russians using social networks to influence your elections?

Answer: a privately run, for-profit social network so powerful to tell a country the rules of political campaigns.

Agriculture innovation in India: is it looking in the right direction?

Tradition is merging with information technology in indian agriculture. Is this happening in the most sustainable way, or going backwards?

Side effects of Public Administrations using WhatsApp

Or any other similar service, actually. Here is just one small example from Mumbai.

Indian companies learning about file formats the hard way

Some Indian companies recently got a lesson about file formats that the WHOLE world needs to learn. But it is a lesson that is at least ten years old.

Guess who may be testing new payment systems in India

Two months ago I signalled that little or no regulation may leave a powerful company free to not only lock up emerging markets in Asia, but also to control, in the same areas, new payment systems or distribution of information over mobile phones. That was two months ago.

What everybody can and SHOULD learn by READING about Aadhaar

Aadhaar is India’s digital identity system. By reading the right stuff about Aadhaar everybody, no matter where he or she lives, may learn a lot about crucial stuff like Free/Open Source software, Open Government and Open Data.