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Algorithms rearrange Luddites too!

Especially if they are algorithms for (privatized) bureaucracy.

The unworkable complexity of DiEM25's data ownership vision

The road to hell is paved with licenses and convenience.

What seems missing from DiEM25's Democratisation of Technology and Innovation

Who benefits from “democratising technology and innovation”? Answer: it’s complicated.

Open Data do fight inequality and discrimination. If...

If they are the right data to answer the right questions, that is.

Eric Schmidt's vision about AI may not be "exactly complete"

Eric Schmidt, former Google Ceo, says that Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, is “exactly wrong” about Artificial Intelligence (AI). I dare suggest that Schmidt’s vision may not be “exactly complete”.

The limits of "banning discrimination through Artificial Intelligence"

In April 2018, the “Finnish Non-Discrimination and Equality Tribunal” prohibited “discriminatory use” of artificial intelligence. I am not sure they did the right thing.