Parents, stop schools that turn your children into data

Or, at least, get PAID for them (just joking…).

Parents, stop schools that turn your children into data /img/students-datafication.jpg

Here is a glimpse over a part of today’s world that most parents don’t even know it exists, but really should:

“Over the past six years, a little-known private equity firm, Vista Equity Partners, has built an educational software empire that wields unseen influence over the educational journeys of tens of millions of children. Along the way, The Markup found, the companies the firm controls have scooped up a massive amount of very personal data on kids, which they use to fuel a suite of predictive analytics products that push the boundaries of technology’s role in education and, in some cases, raise discrimination concerns."

I explicitly ask every parent to read the full report from the Markup, because those companies:

First, have collected a lot information about which companies gather way too much stuff about their kids, including stuf like:

“whether they live in a two-parent household, whether they’ve used drugs, been the victim of a crime, or expressed interest in LGBTQ+ groups."

Second, as a minimum, they should pay families a lot to get those data: “You don’t pay the oil company to come pump oil off your land; it’s the other way around”.