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The Tanzanian law lots of western politicians would love to copy

The state-run Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) just issued an order that lots of politicians in Europe, USA and generally the whole western “first world” would LOVE to be able to issue.

More proofs that I am right to not write on Medium etc..

Three weeks ago I explained why, by default, I do NOT write on Medium, LinkedIn, Patreon and similar websites. This week I found more perfect examples of how good at least two of my reasons are.

Why I do not write on LinkedIn. Or Medium. Or Patreon. Or...

or Or Blogger. Or… OK, you get my drift. There are several important reasons why I almost never do that, have no intention to do otherwise, and invite everybody else to do the same.

Forget Net Neutrality. Think personal clouds instead

Forget Net Neutrality. Think personal clouds instead /img/net-neutrality-dead.jpg

The FCC Net Neutrality decision on Dec. 14th, 2017 (*) has rightly caused a lot of outrage, and concrete reactions, both political (e.g. petitions) and technical (if you have no idea yet of why you too should be worried, please read this first). Several contacts of mine have asked me what I think of those technical reactions. Here’s what.

You don't really own Fargo blogs either

Fargo is (I’m really simplifying here!) Open Source software by Dave Winer that lets you build a blog out of files stored on your Dropbox online storage account. Ron Chester explains very well here why he is using the Fargo Web publishing system.

A little known effect of Wikipedia

Internet links, those that lead you to a different Web page when you click on them in your browser, are one of the most important things that make the Web useful and easy to use.