Join the personal websiteverse!

Please do. It will never be too early.

Join the personal websiteverse! /img/personal-website-verse.jpg

Every now and then I find somebody else explaining very well something I propose here. This is one of those days. Are you sick of today’s social media as you should? Good. I found a great post about the “personal websiteverse” solution, whose main points are that:

  • There is one alternative to social media sites and publishing platforms that has been around since the early, innocent days of the web.
  • It is an alternative that provides immense freedom and control: The personal website.
  • It’s a place to write, create, and share whatever you like, without the need to ask for anyone’s permission.
  • It is also the perfect place to explore and try new things… Regardless of what other people might think and although it might not work. Creation is free.

Continues here, please read it all, and try starting your own website today. Why?

Because, quoting again, it is essential to "(re-)establish personal websites also as central elements of online discourse and as entry points for people who are new to the web community."

My proposal for a quick and realistic alternative to give everybody their personal, permanent website and more, instead, is available here and explained in these other posts on THIS website.