I just started a newsletter, and it's all your fault


But it’s OK, really.

Years ago I committed to publish here six posts a week, free of charge, about digital issues that matter. Now, I have to accept, and implement, a change of strategy (towards the SAME goal!)

This website WILL remain online, and it WILL continue to be updated, albeit at a slower rate. If anything, I am more convinced than ever that POSSE remains the only sensible way to go for independent online publishing of any kind, personal or not), and that publishing only on “platforms” is bad.

However, when both search engines and social media platforms do their very best to hide small voices, a blog isn’t enough. Starting next week I will pass all new content through a different platform first. So, allow me to share…

Just an invitation…

…to subscribe to my “Just an invitation… ” newsletter, and invite every other parent, teacher or otherwise “decision-maker” you know to do the same.

Substack??? YOU???

Yes. Dark times, these are. I do not disown what I wrote here about Substack less than two years ago, mind you. But I just have to accept the fact that in 2023, both to pay the bills and to engage in fruitful conversations, it is infinitely more efficient, or the lesser evil if you will, to publish there first. So please subscribe!

Why should I subscribe?

Excellent question. For detailed answers, please do read:

So… thanks in advance for promoting “Just an Invitation…” as much as you can, and of course for subscribing:

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