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Trade wars will boost digital manufacturing. But not at home

Last summer, professor J. Pearce argued that “Trade wars will boost digital manufacturing - at consumers’ own homes with personal 3D printers”. I hope that that 3D printing-enhanced boost happens, but I also believe, and hope, that it will not happen where prof. Pearce says.

EU research on digital DIY "vs" gun control becomes even more relevant

A landmark legal decision makes it possible for everybody to make their own, untraceable assault rifles at home. What now?

THIS is the right way to build and buy computers

Have you ever had to replace a whole computer for NO real reason? Look at this project then.

"Making should not be anything new". But maybe it already is

Making shouldn’t be anything new, but the maker movement is pretending otherwise. Or so they said. Are YOU sure?

Swatantra'17: software freedom, and awareness of larger picture

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Swatantra’17 conference in Trivandrum, Kerala, and came back with a lot of food for thought.

On Digital DIY, and its place in India

A couple of weeks ago I gave a talk at the Swatantra17 conference in Trivandrum, Kerala, about “Open, Digital DIY manufacturing across countries and cultures” (here are abstract and slides) ). This is a guest post by Mrs Revathi Kollegala, social entrepreneur and collaborative economy advocate, containing her feedback to my slides.