Nanoscale is where chipmaking must go

This is important. Really.

Nanoscale is a “platform that transforms semiconductor fabrication”, by means of printers capable of printing:

  • micro and nanoscale electronics and sensors (down to 20 nanometers, that is 20 billionths of millimeters)
  • electronics with a cost saving of 10 to 100 times
  • on any rigid or flexible flat surface
  • at ambient temperature and pressure
  • using any conductive, semiconducting or insulating materials

I don’t know about you, but discovering stuff like this makes me happy.

Seriously. This is important

Nanoscale is where chipmaking must go /img/nanoscale-possibilities.png

Please understand that, right now, I do not know for sure if, and to what extent, what Nanoscale does is scalable, production-ready, actually profitable and so on. I will try to know more.

What makes me happy is seeing research and development like this, in this sector.

Because, quoting from Nanoscale’s website…

Traditional semiconductor manufacturing faces huge challenges

  • Material choices are extremely limited.
  • Establishing and operating a semiconductur factory are astronomical: ~$20 billion.
  • The environmental impacts of such fabs are extremely high

Something like Nanoscale, instead, can…

basically, help to make the world a bit greener, and politically more stable too. Microelectronics is what makes the world go round. Combine cheap manufactoring of microelectronic chips with open ways to desisgn them, and really interesting things will happen. Like, to make just one example, regional microprocessors