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The paradoxes of journalism, and the best way to (not) DeleteFacebook

Italian newspaper Repubblica interviewed Evgeny Morozov about the Cambridge Analityca scandal, and the related #deletefacebook case. Both the printed and the online version of the interview illustrate the pervasiveness and dangers of Big Data and Big Tech in more than one way. This is the paper version:

When news are true, but CLONED

There is fake news, that is the more or less “alternative-” facts published specifically for political propaganda, or just to make some buck. But there is also news that are true but deliberately CLONED, like animals in factory farms. Here is a real-world example from Italy (IMPORTANT UPDATE, July 17th 2018, at the bottom of the post!!)

On Facebook, it's OK to be anti-you and your beliefs

An article about Facebook published last summer is a great read, but the reason why it is great may not be immediately evident: