The paradoxes of journalism, and the best way to (not) DeleteFacebook


Italian newspaper Repubblica interviewed Evgeny Morozov about the Cambridge Analityca scandal, and the related #deletefacebook case. Both the printed and the online version of the interview illustrate the pervasiveness and dangers of Big Data and Big Tech in more than one way. This is the paper version:

The paradoxes of journalism, and the best way to (not) DeleteFacebook /img/morozov-uscire-da-fb-assurdo.jpg
Corporations harvesting Big data are bad for you. But please do not pay with cash

Half of that page tells is about how dangerous the big corporations that track and profile every our actions are. The other half is filled by an invitation to pay with some of the most tracking and profiling payment methods around, instead of cash.

The (paywalled) digital version of the interview, instead, is on a website filled with Google ads and Facebook “Like” buttons. Facebook is having a bad moment, but even the media are in quite a corner, aren’t they?

About “Deleting Facebook”: in the interview, Morozov says that “the current situation can be turned upside down only by taking back to ourselves the control of infrastructures”. I beg to disagree on that. Asking for nationalization or any (self) regulation of Facebook is pointless. The only way out is to make infrastructures like Facebook obsolete.

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