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Sherlock Holmes would love rationing

As he said, when you have eliminated all which is impossible…

There is only one problem with these electrification strategies

… it’s their “Business as Usual” foundation.

All reject our pointless fridge overlords

More nannies, than overlords, actually. But pointless, they are.

Why and how Amazon Counter could be good for the world

If it re-done right, that is. Back in early 2020 (*), a friend of mine asked online what people thought about Amazon Counter. My first reply greatly surprised him, because he knows my opinions about Amazon, and that reply started with: “This really sounds like a consumer’s dream, and a green one too." The conversation continued as follows (edited for clarity). Friend: Did you call it green because it would enable ‘cosmo-local’ production, that is small-scale manufacturing of products designed once and then reused globally?