All reject our pointless fridge overlords


More nannies, than overlords, actually. But pointless, they are.

All reject our pointless fridge overlords /img/smart-fridge-door-too-open.jpg

Boingboing recently shared the story of Dan, a man actually scolded by its own fridge, because:

“he was opening the fridge too much [which may cause frost, increased noise, and low ice production.”

That fridge is, as I wrote a while ago, one of those “smart devices whose very existence looks dumb. Because, in addition to everything I wrote there, with appliance so uselessly complicated, you may never recover the expense of the new machine and all the repairs with your savings on electricity and water and gas”.

Another demonstration of how dumb these appliances really are is praising as eco-friendlyness something (water dispensers) that could and should not exist at all, is eco-friendlyness is the goal:

All reject our pointless fridge overlords /img/smart-fridge-water-dispenser.jpg

The only really smart fridge is the one that is as small as possible, as energy-efficient as possible, as repairable as possible, and not connected to the Internet.

It is a sad and dumb reality that we do not have much real choices in this matter. Dan himself points out that he has that fridge because it’s what his landlord unilaterally decided to buy. But it’s never too late to ask for REALLY smart fridges, the next time you need one. And if you already have one of these disgraces, do yourself and your stress levels a favour: unplug it from the net NOW.

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