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The first thing Twitter would really need

If Twitter DID really work for its users, that is…

The italian blogosphere, in 2011 and today

“It’s complicated”.

How (and where) NOT to make YOUR Memex

On somebody else’s computer, of course.

Join the personal websiteverse!

Please do. It will never be too early.

The Tanzanian law lots of western politicians would love to copy

The state-run Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) just issued an order that lots of politicians in Europe, USA and generally the whole western “first world” would LOVE to be able to issue.

More proofs that I am right to not write on Medium etc..

Three weeks ago I explained why, by default, I do NOT write on Medium, LinkedIn, Patreon and similar websites. This week I found more perfect examples of how good at least two of my reasons are.