Vaccines hesitancy is also due to paywalls

As is ignorance, in general.

One week ago, Eurozine tweeted that:

“Behind vaccine hesitancy lies a motivated rejection of science & the effects of a decades-long campaign waged against climate science…[this is discussed…] in Patron-exclusive episode of the Gagarin pod”

Vaccines hesitancy is also due to paywalls /img/vaccine-hesitancy-and-paywalls.jpg

I am not qualified to discuss vaccines. But I am pretty sure that one of the reasons why there is “vaccines hesitance” in this moment, and a larger “rejection of science” in general, is exactly the fact that too much qualified information and reporting are behind paywalls these days.

I do not have solutions for this, except what I already do myself: never write on Patreon, Medium and similar websites (even if they had no paywalls!), plus what you can read in the footer of this and every other post of this website.

I am also well aware that my solution does not and cannot apply to everybody, or to other types of “content”! But it is important to never forget that, in the current situation, it is free news that make extremists, or ignorants! (*)

(*) sometimes in really ridiculous ways, as in this case, also about COVID-19