Free news make extremists

Free as in “gratis”, of course.

Look at this tweet, or read it below:

Free news make extremists /img/free-news-are-extremist-only.jpg

This is something that, as far as I can tell, was tweeted by @roguenotary in February 2019. I only saw it this week, and decided to republish it on the real web with some recent evidence added, because it becomes every year more true, and more important:

It’s infuriating how often I google a story to verify it, and the results are:

  1. New York Times (no free articles left)
  2. Fox News (always free)
  3. Washington Post (no free articles left)
  4. Breitbart (always free)
  5. Daily Caller (always free)

Guess what people end up reading when this happens?

THIS is what happens (not just in the USA), of course:

(especially when there is no slowness)

I do not have a real, definitive solution for this. Except, shameless plug ahead, direct donations to people like me). But the danger highlighted above is one of the main reason why, in my own little way, I never write on Medium, Patreon and similar places.