More proofs that I am right to not write on Medium etc..

Three weeks ago I explained why, by default, I do NOT write on Medium, LinkedIn, Patreon and similar websites. This week I found more perfect examples of how good at least two of my reasons are.

Publishing for the 1%

Enjoy this quote from “Subscriptions for the 1%":

“What we get then is a classic case of economic unraveling… The entire subscription economy is ultimately a 1% economy… focused on a very small subset of users who have demonstrated that they are willing to pay dollars for content.” (or, in many cases, more “able” than “willing”)

“How could we imagine something SO obvious?”

Straight from “We had no idea that it was coming”: Medium pulls the rug from under publications:

“The removal of a membership option makes the prospect of staying on Medium less appealing for places like BINJ and Electric Literature. But moving years of work over to a new site is costly and possibly cost-prohibitive for small sites with minuscule budgets. And there are quite a few small sites with minuscule budgets for whom Medium offered the opportunity for monetization, growth, and success that has since been taken away time and time again.”

And now compare those cases with…

  • maximum reach instead of (self) damaging elitism
  • self protection

that is the first two of the four main reasons I do not write on Medium, etc.