Why (for now) I am still on Facebook

There are many reasons to not be on Facebook, or to leave it. There is one though, from Digital Interface, that doesn’t make sense, as far as I am concerned. It goes more or less like this (please read the complete version too):

The typical complaint about GooglePlus relative to Facebook is that “there’s no one here”…. Consider the following arguments that shares a similar form: I’m not going to put solar panels on my roof because no one else on my block is doing it, and I don’t want to be different

The biggest logical fallacy here is the very assumption that “I’m not going to put solar panels…” or any of those other examples share a similar form with those about staying on Facebook, or leaving it.

I don’t need anybody else around me to use solar panels to get some benefits from using them myself. But if my goal or NEED is to tell something to the people who only use Facebook, for example “here it is why it is good to use solar panels”, how else could I do?

Look at that original post. Technically, it is right, but just for that reason, the first, if not the only people who need to read it are the people who today only are on Facebook, and are there only to chat with their friends who only use Facebook.

How do you make at least 1 every 50 of those people see certain argument, if not having a Facebook account and posting material from outside Facebook on your wall? That’s almost the only reason why not only I have a Facebook account, but am much more active there than on my GooglePlus one. Because today the people who need to hear certain messages, or if you will, the people who need a certain kind of help, are only on Facebook. Not yet on GooglePlus.