The best, shortest argument ever against online voting


Mashable has a piece asking How Close Are We to Internet Voting?. It’s an interesting piece, even if part of it falls straight into the “self-fulfilling prophecy” category, building on statements like:

  • It would be naive to think that Internet voting isn’t coming
  • “the writing on the wall seems clear: Widespread online elections will be a reality in the near future”

Apart from general technical issues, here I just want to thank Mashable reader “Neil Fox” for adding in a comment to that page what may be the Best Short Argument Ever against online voting:

“Vote should be hard. Standing in line makes sure that only serious, committed voters can vote. A doctor note should be required for medical exception.”

I’m still of two minds about the “doctor note” part, but I agree 100% with the rest, when it comes to national elections. Thanks Neil! If you can’t be bothered for a few minutes every 45 YEARS to get your ass off the chair to participate in deciding the destiny of your country, do you really deserve the opportunity of voting?

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