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The rest is organizational overhead

An insight on useless work that perfectly matches my own experience in corporate jobs.

Here's what a BIG gap between manufacturing and reality looks like

Here’s a report painting a VERY incomplete picture of “what a manufacturing skills gap of more than 2 million people will look like”.

Embraco, firing people to make in a cheaper country the SAME, WRONG appliances

Hundred of Embraco workers will very likely lose their jobs soon, because that company is moving production of its fridge compressors to Slovakia. Italian media, politicians and unions are (rightly) talking a lot of those workers. Almost nobody, however, is discussing what KIND of fridges and compressors should be produced, by Embraco or anybody else.

Unhappy the land that is in need of surgeons and firefighters. Or not?

What do young surgeons and firefighters have in common? Let’s start from a new research which found that:

Robots displacing humans... or humans becoming robots?

There is lot of fear around about robots, or more exactly software-powered automation, destroying jobs by the millions. But maybe there is still not enough awareness, and concern, about software creating jobs that only a robot would be happy, and fit, to do.

A suggestion for on-demand public transit, from Fiumicino to Los Angeles

Five years ago I wrote that all of precarious workers of the Fiumicino airport should partner and tell, to the many private bus companies that move tourists in and out of the same airport: