• I have a strong feeling that certain headlines and assertions about the Brexit result are if not factually wrong, at least very misleading. I refer to statements that summarize charts and tables like the ones above in this way: “The U.K.’s Old Decided for the Young in the Brexit Vote” “Brexit is a middle finger from the baby boomers to young people like me” “Young screwed by older generations” “Young voters wanted Brexit the least - and will have to live with it the longest” Fact is, it was very clear, well before the vote, that opinions varied greatly across age ranges and that
  • Apparently, they both don’t know enough of how the Internet and digital (meta) data work.From the Independent: Jesus Alfredo Guzman Salazar tweeted a photo of himself and his [Mexican drug lord] father eating at a restaurant, but seemed to forget about Twitter’s location function which automatically tags where an image is taken. From Sputnik: The US military is not learning its lessons: top-secret operations’ flights may be regularly tracked through online airspace monitoring resources by literally anyone.