• Ubuntu is a computer operating system alternative to Windows, but free of license costs and well suited to families and schools. When I read this message on the mailing list for Ubuntu Italian users: _My kids learned very quickly how to use both Ubuntu and the Mac. Chiara is 10 years old, Nikko 12, but he's autistic. I MUST use Windows only because the educational software for Nikko only runs on Windows!
  • When it comes to computers, many parents and teachers feel they are not competent enough to judge if the way their children use computer is the best possible one. Sometimes, they simply ignore that there is more than one way. Luckily, none of these hypotheses is true. Keep reading and you’ll know why this is one of the best moments to discover why and find alternatives.
  • Free Software is widely used in education due to its lower cost and huge flexibility. Homeschooling is relatively popular in the USA and other countries. One would expect Free Software to be very popular among homeschoolers, due to their own philosophy: how could an homeschooling advocate not love software that is all about being “free as in freedom” and doing things by yourself? Reality, however is quite different: compared to Windows and Mac, Free Software is still almost unknown in the homeschooling community.