• I didn’t have time before to comment on a tweet I saw last April: “Mobile Web is dead. It’s all about apps. Hmmm, are we sure? That’s not what that pie chart tells me. I see a different, much more serious issue there. If that’s how things stand, what is dead or dying is the usage of mobile devices for doing anything else than playing, disposable chatting or passive content consumption, just like in that old Pioneer commercial.
  • Do you love your smartphone? Do you love being always connected? Do you (or your doctor, your firefighters, your ambulances, the people carrying all the goods you use on a daily basis…) need all this? If yes, here is something you should know: the “coming soon” networks that make all this possible may be very, very fragile. The few paragraphs below explain why, with the shortest and simplest syntesis I’ve been able to make of a long, but great article that you really should read.