The real smartphone of the future


is the one that is really future-proof.

Question: Why do we have websites built for a stable and fast Internet connection, rather than the much more common unstable and slow Internet connection?

In case you’re thinking “5G will solve this”: NAH. The truth is that the industry has deliberately “fallen victim to the fallacies of distributed computing”, as that post says. And its conclusion is that “it’s time for us to start considering an offline-first approach”. Luckily, we already have one hardware part of that solution:

The real smartphone of the future /img/light-phone.jpg
The Anti-Smartphone!!!

That is, the Light Phone, also known as the opposite of every other phone in existence, because it is “thin, light, lasts 20 days on a charge, and literally does nothing but make and answer calls”.

The real smartphone of the future /img/earth-tightening-belt.jpg

Funny thing, it is just the future-proof phone we may end up using to deal with the realities of:

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