Smart Home

  • Vedant Desai is a “Smart Fifth Grader Football Player” who just invented a “Light Saver” device that is “guaranteed to save you energy” because it “reminds you to turn off your light before you leave your room”. I would like to congratulate Vedant for his skills and creativity, but I also have a suggestion for him (and for LittleBits):Vedant, you are really a very competent and enterprising kid! Congratulations!
  • Internet of Things. Smart homes. Smart appliances. Smart everything. How smart is the result?These days we may buy or self-build “connected kitchen gadgets” like: a Smart Grill that can cook almost any food perfectly based on weight, composition, and desired done-ness, all controlled through an iPad app an electronic fork that measures how long it took you to eat, the amount of fork servings and the time in between servings.