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Let self-driving cars kill pedestrians. Or not?

They made a survey about driverless cars and found… basic biology. What does this mean?

Our self-flying car future? Not so flying

Self-flying cars can fly very fast… until they meet two obstacles: transport optimization and… other self-flying cars.

Self-Flying cars instead of self-driving cars. Hmmm

Why stop at self-DRIVING cars when we could have self FLYING ones?

This is what I mean by "treating driverless cars like trains"

Six months ago, I wrote that “the REAL name of self-driving cars must become something like

Ford just patented a hijacking system

Ford has applied for a patent that would let criminals attach themselves to your vehicle and hijack you and your kids wherever they want.

The intrinsic dumbness of connected cars, part 2

Picture this: you’re driving home from work, doing something completely useless.