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Limits, and one big side effect, of granting personhood status to "robots"

Let’s play conspiracy theories for a moment: what is the REAL reason why the European Parliament is proposing to treat robots as human beings? Even better: WHICH robots should benefit of such a recognition? WHAT is a robot, anyway?

Robot dogs opening doors. Or keeping them shut?

There’s some new dog-like robot who just “learned to open doors”. Most people are excited, or scared, by the dog itself. Maybe they should worry more about the door.

Unhappy the land that is in need of surgeons and firefighters. Or not?

What do young surgeons and firefighters have in common? Let’s start from a new research which found that:

Robots displacing humans... or humans becoming robots?

There is lot of fear around about robots, or more exactly software-powered automation, destroying jobs by the millions. But maybe there is still not enough awareness, and concern, about software creating jobs that only a robot would be happy, and fit, to do.