If CES tolerates this stuff, it DESERVES to die


Seriously. Don’t cry for it.

CES (originally an initialism for Consumer Electronics Show) is a big annual trade show for consumer electronics, first held in the 1960s.

Until yesterday it took very little effort to find all sorts of proofs, serious or not, that “CES is bad”, in one way or another. For proofs of this, check what I wrote yesterday. Today, it became much easier.

“CES sucks” before 2023

Typing “CES sucks” or “CES is doomed” in any search engine yelds plenty of results like these:

Today, all you need to suspect that CES deserves to die is one screenshot

CES happens in the same world where

  • plastic and other equally healthy substances have already found their way into human bodies, foetuses included
  • supply of the same substances, from hydrocarbons to the materials needed for electronic components will continue to be a major cause of conflicts and instability
  • parental anxiety, unrealistic parental expectations and “fear-based parenting” are already doing pretty good without extra help

CES happens in this world, and yet, it gives floor space and credibility to incredibly dumb products like this:

If CES tolerates this stuff, it DESERVES to die /img/idiotic-stroller.jpg

Quoting from a review that I am NOT going to link, sorry, you may buy:

“a $3,300 “hands-free” motorised stroller that “brings the buggy into the 21st century” by packing it with motors, sensors and Artificial Intelligence to detect obstacles and driving itself when empty, keeping up with parents while they hold their infants.”

Hacking strollers, yes. Buying cretin strollers, no

As far as I am concerned, people can hack strollers, and almost everything else, in almost any way they can conceive. I mean it.

But stuff like that belongs in the “Just For Fun, NEVER Try This At Home” pavilion of a Maker’s Faire, not a consumer show.

Babies need parents not in any mental state that would make buying “smart” strollers like that a decent idea. Parents in such conditions and with that much spare money sorely need to spend it on counseling, or a vacation. And CES needs to CANCEL certain “products”, instead of passing the message that they should be taken seriously even for one second.

Unavoidable, shameless promotion: last but not least, I dare suggest that parents and everybody else would certainly benefit from much more advice and food for thought like this. So thanks for helping them to get it, by supporting this website!

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