• The Italian Publishers Association (Aie) just launched the “è-book” (“it’s an (e-)book”) contest, addressed to all Italian university students, to find the slogan that will publicize a series of digital university textbooks. Aie is an association that Garamond, an Italian publisher who is heavily betting just on digital textbooks, abandoned last year because Aie: protects only the interests “of three or four large groups, which are increasingly dominant in the Italian publishing market, especially in the school sector in which we (Garamond) operate.
  • A couple of weeks ago Martin Bryant asked himself “Are iPad magazines being killed by greed? and concluded “right now, it appears that there’s virtually no way to make magazines appealing on tablets… I’m sticking with paper.” The problem with tablet-based magazines, Martin wrote, is that they are “more interactive, more portable and better for the environment than paper ones, but if they’re way too expensive who’s going to buy them?
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