Notes on copying the CC licensed parts of this website

I have consciously and willingly published this essay under a BY-NC-SA license that does allow for noncommercial verbatim copying because I think it’s important that it is as available as possible. This said, you are kindly requested to not republish integral copies of the whole essay or any of its sections anywhere else online (including mailing lists, social networks etc…). Excerpts with links here, instead, are always very welcome, of course!

The reason is very simple. The more full, verbatim copies appear online, the less people will read the same work here, where it is already available for free to everybody with an Internet connection. I and the other authors of the book don’t get any royalty from book sales, and I have no employers or sponsors: the only money I may get as a direct reward for the time and effort put in writing the essay is through the banners on this site (and referrals fees from Amazon if you buy the book clicking on the link in the left bar). So not copying verbatim the whole text on other websites, but inviting whoever is interested to read it here may very well be the best way you may have to show that you like this work and want to support his author.


M. Fioretti