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Making the Internet Affordable to Everybody. OK. What now?

A great project that ended a few months ago did something essential, but it is also something that may hide a bigger problem.

Data stored by governments? No, thanks

What is the point of replacing Facebook and Google with the same things, just with another “owner”?

Dating app scandal from India proves that you DO HAVE something to hide. Yes, YOU

The popular dating app Tinder was caught charging its users as much as three times more for the same service, depending on the ages of those users. What does this mean?

China, Russia and California confirm urgent, worldwide need for Personal Clouds

“Data used to be much simpler”. Too simple, probably. Starting this year, we have one more reason to deploy personal clouds as soon as possible: peak data governance.

Teens have abandoned Facebook and it's bad

Don’t worry, I am not out of my mind. I still say we should all leave Facebook now. I still promote a way to do it that is jus a tiny bit more realistic and feasible in the short term than almost everything I’ve seen around so far. Still, the reasons and the way teens are abandoning Facebook are bad. Or, as a minimum, misreported.

Every year fewer and fewer words...

Every year fewer and fewer words, and the range of consciousness always a little smaller. So said Mark Zuckerberg, and so far almost nobody seems to have noticed his source.