Thanks Zendaya for doing the right thing on the Web


I had no idea who Zendaya is until 5 minutes ago. Then I discovered that she is doing something good.

It all started with this tweet:

Thanks Zendaya for doing the right thing on the Web /img/zendaya.jpg

The tweet made me curious enough to search who on Earth this lady would be, leading me discover this statement on her own website (emphasis mine):

“Don’t be sad, I’m just moving everything to one place so it’s easier for everyone (including the android users out there) to access all my content. So everything will be the same, still free, just solely on now! Ok love you guys and thanks for growing with me and supporting me as I figure out how to make connecting with y’all easier!

Thanks Zendaya for Moving All Your Content to Your Site! It’s really great to see celebrities getting POSSE right:

(Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere)

Only your own real, plain old website gives you the freedom to reuse whatever you create everywhere, now and in the future, and making it available to whoever you want, on your conditions.

P.S: a proposal of mine to give everybody this possibility is here.

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