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Quick! Give your kids a permanent online IDENTITY!

Smartphones can wait. First things first, please.

Don't worry too much about HUMANS harming your children online

Those are by far the easiest to stop. Or ignore.

The problem with AI? Sometimes is humans. Human PARENTS, that is

Here is some food for thought on the consequences of handling smartphones, social networks and profiling algorithms to parents who, in 99.9999% of cases, are thoroughly unable to handle them.

Children should build their online presence. Sure, but where?

There is a post about children and their online presence that is great, except for a serious omission.

Misleading advice in Europol's cybercrime page

Europol is the EU’s law enforcement agency, whose main goal is “to achieve a safer Europe for the benefit of all the EU citizens”. The Europol page about public awareness and prevention mixes good advice with a few… misleading bits of information.

Good Parenting, or High-Tech Cruises?

Some months ago, TechCrunch reported that, on High-Tech cruise ships like the  Quantum Of The Sea, “Wi-Fi is fast and it’s everywhere” for one specific reason that I really don’t like .