• Maps are very important and serious stuff. Maps explain, and in many cases control, how the world is. Good maps are very difficult to draw. It is very unlikely that normal people (especially when they’re young) ever get a chance to create a good map, useful to their friends and larger community. This, at least was the case until some times ago. Today, working and playing together to build new maps that are really useful to everybody is much easier and much more fun than it used to be, thanks to a worldwide project called OpenStreetMap.
  • What follows was originally a comment by Maurizio Napolitano to my article [/2011/02/openstreetmap-open-data-that-create-services-and-jobs-for-everybody/]. Then I and Maurizio decided to put it in its own page, under a CC BY 2.5 license, since it’s stuff that deserves more visibility Hi Marco! I’m glad you liked my post about OpenStreetMap blankets! I’ll take advantage of this opportunity to signal a couple more websites and services based on OpenStreetMap (OSM): MapOSMatic creates maps and a street list of any place present already mapped in OSM.
  • OpenStreetMap (OSM) is the Wikipedia applied to mapping: a digital map of the whole world that everybody can contribute to draw. The results is maps that you can print, use with several GPS navigation systems or customize at will. The most important characteristic of OSM maps, however, is another one: everybody can freely, legally reuse them for any purpose, including (unlike Google Maps) for commercial activities. This is why maps like those of OSM can help people to find… a job!