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The real value of advertising. Behavioral or not

Behavioral ads may be a fraud, but the real power of advertising is still there. Especially online.

What if who decides what you see online were your father?

No, this is not a hypothetical question.

Proposal: replace online advertising with microformats for ads

Here’s a tiny proposal, albeit VERY likely NOT original, to solve a big digital issue of our time.

The bright, planetary next billion of Facebook users

Frederic Filloux argues that Facebook’ future is “bright and planetary” because:

How to deal with websites who exist only to put ads inside copied content

Every now and then, I come across websites that don’t contain anything original. All their “pages” are verbatim copies of original content found online and copied automatically without permission, just to fill it with advertising banners. When I find such a website copying stuff I wrote, I send them the email you can find below, and I must say it normally works very well, and quite quickly too. You’re welcome to reuse it whenever you find a website of that kind. Actually, I strongly encourage you to do it, to help make the Web a bit more useful for everybody.