Google FLoc is just another bag of cookies



Three months ago I explained how FLoC, Google’s new method to profile people online,

  • basically just asks you to do yourself part of the profiling
  • but is not much better than cookies, privacy-wise
Google FLoc is just another bag of cookies /img/flock-of-sheeps.jpg

Now, privacy watchers confirm those concerns, says With little effort, FLoC may end up being just as effective as browser cookies to “identify and access information about people online”:

For details of how FLoC works, see my previous post. These quotes from explain why you should read it:

  • “If your behavior doesn’t change, the algorithm will keep assigning you in that same cohort, so some users will have a persistent [identifier]associated with them - or could.”
  • Advertising companies are working hard to get advantafge of FLoC. One of them is quoted in the article as saying “Our advertiser clients will be able to associate a FLoC ID to their first-party identity like an email when a user authenticates on their web properties”
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