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Italian School, Province and Government not talking to each other show the importance of open data

The italian Province of Rome just announced a school orientation guide. Its goal, according to Provincial Councillor for School Policies Rita Paola Stella, is to:

"Blog Killer" law proposal reappears in Italy

(this is my own synthesis of an article just published by Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano)

AGCOM: how many Italians realize who is its real target?

AGCOM, the Italian Communications Authority, should issue tomorrow a new set of rules to enforce online copyright protection that has, so to speak, some minor problems. Here is a synthesis of mine from some excellent articles (in Italian, see links below) by Guido Scorza, a lawyer who closely follows these issues:

Affittopoli, an Italian scandal easily avoidable with open data

Among the Italian scandals of 2011 there is one called “Affittopoli”, a word translatable more or less with “rent-town scandal”. Here is a brief summary of the story.

Car sharing? It works in Rome, too!

In many parts of Italy there simply is no more room to use cars decently, regardless of their cost or emissions. For this reason, a few days ago I translated into Italian a beautiful post on the Frugal Urban blog about the benefits of car sharing in Ottawa.

Of Vodafone, Copyright, Fair Use and Italy

Two days ago I wrote Does VODAFONE really ignore how copyright works? Why? to criticize the fact that the recently launched Vodafone InFamiglia website contained wrong statements about copyright like: “[Parents and teachers should] explain to students that downloading and sharing a file protected by copyright is a crime”.