Global Warming

  • I just read on Climate Progress that: Scientists... plotted the yearly spring bloom of phytoplankton - tiny plants at the base of the ocean food chain—in the Arctic Ocean and found the peak timing of the event has been progressing earlier each year for more than a decade. The spring bloom has come up to 50 days earlier in some areas in that time span This is bad because it’s a human-made, not natural phaenomenon, that has huge, bad effects.
  • Even in this period of housing crisis (or maybe just because of it) buying a house may be a wise investment if you can afford it without a big mortgage! The task is made easier by the Internet, which lets us find the best deal with just a few clicks. As an example, let's look at the cases of three not-so-imaginary Italian average citizens, signori Rossi, Bianchi and Verdi, who are thinking about purchasing a house for their summer holidays in some Italian seaside city.