Who said this? Elon Musk, or James Sullivan?

These two guys are too similar, aren’t they?

“Right now we’ve only got one planet,” said earlier this year Elon Musk, CEO of electric carmaker Tesla, and added: “Even a 0.1% chance of disaster – why run that risk? That’s crazy!"

That’s why Musk just offered inventors "$100 mln jolt into quest for carbon removal”, that is to develop ways to fight global warming by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere or ocean.

Is this just more arrogance by Musk, that is something conceived with the same toxic attitude of Starlink, or something actually good?

Time will tell. For now, I obviously hope for the best, but can’t help to think that this announcement by Musk looks a lot like one of those that Andrew Sullivan of Space Sweepers surely made at the beginning of his career:

Who said this? Elon Musk, or James Sullivan? /img/space-sweepers.jpg
<a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_Sweepers" target="_blank">Movie tagline: These misfits just might save the world. From which entrepreneur?</a>


Add to that the fact that, just like Sullivan, Musk’s looks to transhumanism, and the fact that even Musk’s fate is heavily starlinked, sorry: I mean linked, to future space debris, and can you blame me for feeling a bit uncomfortable?