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Autonomous, driverless cars need 5G? Wait a minute...

Time for (another) reality check here.

Please stop worrying that driverless cars would run over kids

I mean it.Because a few days ago I saw a discussion on Twitter (*) that ran more or less like this:

Tesla troubles show even more limits of fake autonomous cars

There are “autonomous vehicles” and then there are “autonomous vehicles”. But some kinds of autonomous vehicles are much dumber than others, and proofs of this fact continue to come.

This is what I mean by "treating driverless cars like trains"

Six months ago, I wrote that “the REAL name of self-driving cars must become something like

The Caves of Steel are coming, and this may be good. As long as...

There are now twice as many people as 50 years ago, and they are already concentrating into cities anyway. Therefore, they say, doing more of that, until we all live in Caves of Steel leaving the planet “empty” could be the best thing we may ever do. Maybe, but only if it happens in the right way

The cars that drive themselves. But only if you drive them too

Have you seen that video of a driverless car that killed a cyclist, with the car “passenger” unable to do anything about it? Personally, I find that video a perfect proof of something I’ve always thought: the huge, BASIC problem with “driverless cars” with a driver that should step in when needed.