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Driverless cars: the wrong people solving the wrong problem

Not all disruptions are equal. Or disrupt the right things.

Porn confirms that driverless cars are fake

Fake autopilot considered harmful? Not that we did not know this already, of course.

Ford and others prove me right on driverless cars. Again

Last year I saw CEOs of the car industry implicitly acknowledge that the world has reached “peak car”. It happened again, just worse. For them, at least.

Autonomous, driverless cars need 5G? Wait a minute...

Time for (another) reality check here.

Please stop worrying that driverless cars would run over kids

I mean it.Because a few days ago I saw a discussion on Twitter (*) that ran more or less like this:

Tesla troubles show even more limits of fake autonomous cars

There are “autonomous vehicles” and then there are “autonomous vehicles”. But some kinds of autonomous vehicles are much dumber than others, and proofs of this fact continue to come.