Never buy a flying car...

Unless it’s not for you only.

Never buy a flying car... /img/skydrive.jpg

A flying car has recently gained its first safety certificate in Japan. Besides the fact that it looks a lot like an UFO interceptor from the ’60s

Never buy a flying car... /img/ufo-interceptor.jpg

or the Thunderbird 4 plane of another 60’s TV series:

Never buy a flying car... /img/thunderbird-4.jpg

the most notable features of that Skydrive SD-03 would be:

  • eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) capability
  • single seat
  • eight propellers
  • top speeds 48km/hour

The safety certificate constitutes a really important milestone, being an essential step to commercialize that vehicle in Japan, possibly as soon as 2025. It seems that (emphasis mine) “currently, the SD-03 is utilized as a drone cargo service in Japan, but with safety certification, SkyDrive now hope to push their vehicles into a flying taxi service as soon as 2025”.

And THAT is the most important feature

The thing I really like the most in those plans for the Skydrive SD-03, and think you should like too, is this: both the current (cargo drone) and future applications of this object (taxi service) are “shared”, not private use cases. I really hope that it stays that way, and you should too. The alternative, that is pushing personal flying vehicles for commuting and other urban errands, would have the only result to (dangerously!) move traffic jams from eye level to above our heads, just like in the Phantom Menace movie:

Never buy a flying car... /img/coruscant_apartment_view.jpg

that is, all the drawbacks I already discussed three years ago, here and here. Never forget them, whenever someone tries to sell you flying personal vehicles.