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On the real impact of fake news, echo chambers and filter bubbles

Fake news, echo chambers, filter bubbles: how much do they REALLY create or influence people’s opinions on politics, or anything else?

The cost of five MORE years without perclouds

The percloud (“permanent/personal cloud”) is the simple, integrated alternative to Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Flickr, Dropbox… that I first proposed in 2013. Yesterday, the P2P Foundation stimulated new discusssions about the percloud,

How to customize the Facebook News Feed (infographic)

It is possible to customize what Facebook shows you in its News Feed. Here is how to do it, and above all WHY, explained in the simplest possible manner.

If you were worried about Russia hacking elections...

… just stop one moment to appreciate this article, and realize what its real title may (or should?) be:

The fix for Facebook is NOT a different PLATFORM

An article by Roger McNamee titled “How to Fix Facebook - Before it fixes us” does a great job of describing the problems created by Facebook or any other platforms working in the same way, but contradicts itself when it proposes certain kinds of regulatory fixes.

That time that Facebook declared (again) that it is a Sovereign State

In case you missed it when it first appeared, please enjoy this interesting paragraph from Mark Zuckerberg’s “personal challenges for 2018”: