• If you can only fund one project this year, please put this in your short list: design and development of open source home appliances! The first one should be a microwave oven but “most probably the next one will be a washing machine, or maybe a fridge. The point is to extend the portfolio of open source appliances.” The goals include: facilitate recycling and maintenance of products, because the knowledge of how it works and how it breaks is available for everyone (Which also helps to create employment opportunities) create resilience and less dependence on fossil fuel value chains, by reducing the shipping of components to what is only necessary.
  • (historical note: this is an article I wrote for IT Manager’s Journal, which published it at the URL on December 14, 2004. When I rediscovered the original text on my hard drive, on December 29, 2013, I put it back here with the original date as reference, since that whole website was closed years ago) The Member States of the European Union are getting ready to follow two directives that will have a deep impact on all the electronic industry.