EU and China must help the world to do the RIGHT thing

Because, as someone said, “We live in interesting times”.

EU and China must help the world to do the RIGHT thing /img/eu-china.jpg

D. Aray asks whether America’s Fossil Fuel Empire Collapsing, because “the era of an expanding global order built on fossil fuels has come to an end” and what will drive the world from now on is renewable energies technologies.

The reason I mention this here is his conclusions, which is directly connected to the main theme of this site, that is the impacts of digital technologies on society and the environment:

  • [whatever its limits are] " Europe’s Green Deal represents the beginning of this new era"
  • that same deal “could be the answer to China’s cleantech ambitions”
  • the resulting green EU-China partnership would provide the economies of scale and scope that the world desperately needs

Why? Because “Together, China and Europe could make it much cheaper for other regions in Asia, Africa, and Latin America to decarbonize”.

A noble and necessary endeavour. No doubt about that. As long as that partnership…

does not contribute to make the global “system” even more centralized, that is intrinsically unstable and brittle, than already is. Assuming that nuclear energy should enter the deal, for example, it should be nuclear energy with the RIGHT political impacts.

The technological and industrial side of such a challenge is huge. But of course it is much smaller than the regulatory/politic side.