In 2016, Brexit also was a failure of Open Data. Will this happen again?


One Brexit fact that really nobody can deny is that, so far, too many decisions and promises have been made… without enough data to back them.

In 2016, Brexit also was a failure of Open Data. Will this happen again? /img/raab-dover-calais-ignorance.jpg

In 2016, two days after the Brexit referendum, I pointed out that one of things that had gone wrong was UK’s failure in a field where they were apparently ahead of most other countries.

I wrote that reactions to the Brexit referendum should be considered also as a wake-up call for the Open Data movement, because:

  • “Open Data is something with which we can… understand our governments better”
  • [but, in spite of UK behind a leader of this movement..]
  • many people had voted Leave or Remain with little or no concrete facts as bases for their decision

That was 2016. Today, almost three years later and with mountains more of data (theoretically) available about all sides of the Brexit coin, UK has just been told that it has up to six months to take hopefully better informed decisions about small matters like:

  • who to send to the EU parliament, and to do what
  • Brexit itself: do it, change it, abandon it, whatever

What to do with Brexit is for UK citizens to decide. I only want to suggest:

  • to UK citizens, to demand and use much more Open Data about EU and Brexit than it happened in 2016
  • to all other EU citizens who will vote next month, to do the same, especially when EU-related fake news are involved
  • to all Open Data advocates and activists in Europe to forget anything else until May, in order to focus on more Open Data related to EU and EU elections
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST, a related question: please everybody suggest more concepts that every European should know! With EU elections coming, this is more important than ever.

Image sources: SpeakEasy and Indy100

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